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Julie thumbed along the highways of Western Canada and the U.S. while honing the artistry of writing, music and performance through busking on street corners.  A few years later, in hometown Toronto, the fruits of edification were apparent in a songwriting career:  winning first places for guitar composition from the Royal Conservatory of Music and the Sylvia Tyson Songwriting Scholarship (CMPA).  She released EP “JAB” and was top finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition. At 30, she sold all belongings and travelled to Europe, expecting to drift as a troubadour, but found herself back in Canada a few months later recording another CD “Ecstatic Songs” – this recording is Julie’s melody and music united with the poems of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, a 13th century mystic poet; and with the blessing of translator Coleman Barks.   She won the title of “Best Acoustic Female Artist” at the Toronto Independent Music Awards and recorded “Woe is Me” before giving birth to her first child.  Now, with three children and living in the wilderness of Northern Ontario, Julie is truly enlivened inspired.  She and her partner are building an eco-retreat along the shores of the pristine Sturgeon River.

That’s where I’m at. - Unfold Your Own Myth

Numbered Days:

Might as well face it, you’re gonna need saving
And you’re gonna have to do it yourself.
All along you’ve listened to Sages speak
different truths, but it all points back to you
And what you choose to do.
These numbered days stay to remind us
How bittersweet this life we lead is
You are between the forces
Knowing who you are, core, is all.
All hearts and souls of you reborn.
Bring it home, reunite the source.
From the start to the start
These numbered days stay to remind us
How bittersweet this life we lead is.




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